You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.
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is ellen even hosting or is she just hanging out with famous people

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Milky Way at High Island Reservior 萬宜水庫 - The best shot in this summer:-) (by TerryCycho)




shout out to all the gay girls in love with straight girls y’all are warriors


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Dating or finding someone is the last thing on my mind, because I can’t picture how it could work with the way my life is. I don’t know how a guy is supposed to walk next to his girlfriend when there are 20 men with cameras, and he can’t protect his girlfriend because that’s the life she chose. I just don’t see how it could work, so I don’t think about it, and I kind of run from it when it presents itself. ‘Cause I don’t think any guy really… They think that they would want to get to know me, and maybe date me, but I don’t think they want what comes with it.
Taylor Swift (British Vogue, November 2014) (x)

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